Announcing $AIOZ Token Buyback with IDO Fund Raised

Announcing $AIOZ Token Buyback with IDO Fund Raised

While the AIOZ Network team focuses on the technology, community and node infrastructure of the project. We also recognize that awareness of AIOZ Network is an important factor that will help bring in a bigger community, and so our founder and CEO, Erman Tjiputra has engaged in a token buyback process as a statement of confidence in the future of AIOZ Network

Written below is the letter by Erman Tjiputra which clearly outlines AIOZ Network’s mission and vision for the long term-

“Hello Everyone

I am writing this letter to let you know that

I have dedicate

my life

my love

my work


in AIOZ & for AIOZ

on April 2nd 2021,

AIOZ Network have achieved the goals set forth in the IDO raise:

1. Continuous AIOZ Network developments

2. Public Participation in future of AIOZ Network

for me personally, is to create awareness of

AIOZ Network for the world

I have been methodically planning and

logically executing AIOZ Network RoadMap

with business developments and technical implementations

I have been prudently financing AIOZ network


in the past , in the now and in the future

therefore as of May 11 2021,

I like to let everyone know that all of IDO funds raise for AIOZ Network will be

re-purposed for accumulation of $AIOZ.

I will perform my fiduciary duty for $AIOZ.

in ways more than one.

now and Always.

Thank you!

With Love

Erman Tjiputra

Founder x CEO @ AIOZ Networks”

About the AIOZ Network

The AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ Network utilizes Blockchain for better content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralization. Unlike the traditional data centers operating on a centralized model. distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data.

The AIOZ Network uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust infrastructure for content streaming making it more affordable, faster. This allows the AIOZ Network to provide a higher quality service.

By using this revolutionary technology, the AIOZ Network can efficiently change the way the world streams content of all sorts, improving the quality of life of many and shaping the re-evolution of information and knowledge for future generations.

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